Waste Minimisation.

ERCM (Earth Resource Ceramic Machine)

This is a very innovative pyrolysis process. ERCM is a reactor in which any kind of  non-inert waste can be thermally decomposed and converted to a ceramic-like ash material. There are two sizes of the ECRM existing: 15 m3 and 2 m3 per batch. Non-inert wastes are dried, carbonized and combusted in the reactor without any pretreatments.

The process is operating in a very save range in terms of emissions, which are at a very low level. This process is in  commercial operation in Japan already since more than 2 years, under the strict supervision of the Japanese regulator and within the stringent Japanese emission laws.

The merits of this process are:

  • No pre-segregation of wastes is required. Inert material (metals, glass, etc), can be recovered from the ash material
  • The remaining ash is approx. 1% only, what is important for all industries where the final deposit costs are extremely high
  • High moisture content waste (e.g. sludge cake with 80% moisture content) can be thermally de-composed without pre-drying and auxiliary fuels
  • Ceramic-like ash material coming out from ERCM contains no residual carbon and can be recycled without any additional treatments
  • Low emissions, the system prevents the formation of NOx, HCL, and Dioxin, and dust emissions
  • Low costs, in terms of; CAPEX, operational – and maintenance cost

ERCM 12 tons/day

ERCM 2 tons/day


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