We are network of partners which live the decentralizes solutions up to on our own business model. Efficient, Effective, Measurable, Reportable, Verifiable.

We will ensure that the lead will be taken by one of our partners, so you have to address one only, we act like one company towards you. Partners will be brought to the table when needed to talk about specific subjects and upon necessity.

BWS Global Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC)

Engineering Procurement Construction  (EPC)

BWS Global together with its partners is able to complete engineering, procurement and construction projects for clients. The locations can be in remote locations. Whether it is a commercial initiative or a community initiative supported by Government or Non-Government organizations, we deliver the solution according the needs of each customer.

From concept through commissioning and getting stated, our efforts are focussed on the final delivery of our customers’ projects – the result is a value added facility that meets your business needs.BWS Global delivers engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) solutions in every region of the world. BWS Global provides EPC for small capital constructions, and is aimed to deliver world-class service and performance. Our EPC expertise based on seasoned specialists and experts, is focused on a) waste to energy projects, b) waste minimization where storage cost become an issue, c) and clean water technology for a wide variety of applications.

BWS Global Front End Engineering Designs (FEED)

Front End Engineering Designs (FEED)

EnGen helps to lay the foundation of an engineering project with best-in-class FEED solutions for you as a client. Our combination of technical expertise and a global network to ensure delivery, we use a decentralized multi-disciplinary approach to FEED work processes for these small-scale engineering processes. You can trust EnGen to provide a front-end engineering and design (FEED) the projects. Our seasoned staff and partners of scientists, engineers, financial experts and operational experts, ensure that the design of a project meets the project’s time frame, budget, ROI, quality and operating costs, while sustaining our proven commitment to operational excellence.



Specialised in bringing innovative technologies to a level, where they can be translated in simple solutions for emerging markets.

Shinko Tecnos Ltd

Transforming Technology to feasible and simple to apply operational plants, Mechanical and Process Engineering, EPC, and Production Know How


ERCM Co. Ltd

Chairman: Mr. Kuniomi Araki  (Inventor)
President: Mr. Sachito Okamoto

Measuring, Reporting, and Verification  (MRV) process partners are welcome

design and implementation support to address the needs of the investors, bridging partners

Saiphia Technology Pvt.Ltd

President Mr. Dhananjay Pandey
Industrial process optimisation, such as Cement manufacturing etc.


President: Prof K.AA. Yoshikawa
Yoshikawa Laboratories
Waste to energy process Efficiency imporvements
other adjacent processes, such as drying, HCL cleaning, water purifications
and other  processes in the same field such as gasification etc.

Saiphia Technology Pvt.Ltd

President Mr. Dhananjay Pandey

Saiphia Industry
Saiphia Medical Implants Manufacturing