Better Waste Solutions

We share with you a new business model, we don’t sell plants and machines only.

We believe in simple, non complex, easy to understand and manageable processes.  Simple business models inherit the power of being more successful.

Focusses on solving problems and capturing opportunities by transforming waste to energy.
Doing business is positive, doing it profitable is the base, doing it in a sustainable manner is better.

Doing business and being sustainable are no contradictions, the opposite is true. Conducting sustainable business is profitable and has embedded a true long term vision. Embedding CSR – caring for the community – is part of the BWS Global business proposal and not just a decorative element, it helps securing the business in the long run, because the affected community – business and village – has an active interest, that this business proposed by the BWS Global method odes flourish as an income base for some of them and for a better livelihood for all the others.

Waste for many of us is just creating a feeling of helplessness. For the society, it is a growing cost problem, with consequences only seen many years later at much higher cost to resolve. For those who have not recognised it as a cost yet, they just delegate it to the state or to the society where it is or becomes a long term problem, with growing costs. The longer it is not solved, the longer remains problem and creating new ones, health problems for example.

Waste does no longer need to remain a cost or a problem, you can turn it into a profit making business

How? By some simple technologies, BWS Global wans to make you understand better on this website, and helps you to set up a profit making entitiy in your vincinity. No matter if you are a business, if you are a business community, a community or a NGO, we have the right solutions for all of you.

Our business concepts rely on small units, because we are convinced by solving problems at the source, can be often better managed than let it grow too big. Our concepts avoid costs before they arise, therefore it is easier for making faster profit with the proposed BWS Global method out of something seemingly a problem only. For example, BWS Global’s Decentralized Waste Solutions, reduce the non value adding logistics costs remarkably, od help avoid hidden long term health problems, by treating waste directly, before waste dumps will spill into the ground water, where it further creates a chain of negative impacts to the dependents on that polluted groundwater source.

BWS Global’s “waste to energy” different solutions help you manage challenges where they are relatively still small and embedded in the directly interested company’s reach or the business park community’s responsibility or the reach of an affected community.

Simplicity brings the result
We are not only in clean business AND also conduct the operations perfectly clean, every one who sees it , want to be immediately in this business
Our people make our success, capable, clear in their mind and clean in their soul, striving for betterment every day.